We offer a wide range of high quality oils and fluids for a variety of applications including industrial fuels, combustion products (lamp oils, gel candles and heating oils), spray oils, and specialised solvents.

SIP has an extensive range of speciality fluids, marketed under different SIP brand names according to the end application, to support your requirement, no matter how specialised your application.



The SIPPAR range of cost effective linear and isoparaffins exhibit very low levels of toxicity and have excellent occupational hygiene characteristics. These low viscosity fluids are available in a range of viscosities from 1 to 4cSt at 40°C and exhibit defined boiling characteristics. Our isoparaffinic fluids are ideal for applications where improved low temperature fluidity and low pour points are essential.



The SIPSPRAY range is specifically designed for producing superior crop protection oils, where occupational hygiene and minimizing environmental impact are critical. They provide a high degree of pesticidal effectiveness, coupled with low phytotoxicity.

SIPSPRAY base oils have particularly high unsulphonated residues coupled with excellent distillation characteristics and meet the stringent requirements of various crop spray specifications, including those for Florida Citrus Spray oils and the Californian Narrow Range oils. They are available as neat base oils or as oils containing emulsifier.


The SIPEX range of high-quality dearomatized oils are ideal for use in both Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil (ANFO) and Ammonium nitrate emulsion explosives. The portfolio provides a broad range of viscosities from 2.4cSt to 20cSt at 40°C to meet a variety of formulation requirements.  SIPEX oils have extremely low sulphur levels, are colourless and odourless, with only trace aromatics content for safe use in confined environments.


  • Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil (ANFO)
  • Heavy ANFO
  • Bulk Emulsions
  • Cartridge and packaged emulsions

SIPEX oils therefore have considerable benefits in terms of health, safety and the environment over the traditional diesel or fuel oils used in ANFO.


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