Following repeated requests from clients SIP have invested in long term storage provisions in the Aberdeen region. They now offer 3 grades of SIPDRILL base oils for the UK sector of the North Sea.

SIP have been providing SIPDRILL fluids into the Offshore drilling industry for over 25 yrs. The UK Offshore sector is starting to see some recovery as oil prices have remained steady around the $60-65 per BBL, giving companies the confidence to invest again in the UK. The UK Offshore industry demands a safe, speedy and reliable supply and SIP are delighted to have partnered with ASCO and William Nicols in order to provide the service which the industry demands. All SIPDRILL products are fully approved for use in the UK, exhibiting very low orders of marine toxicity, high rates of biodegradation and good occupational hygiene characteristics. Please call or email for further details.

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We are proud to have been a part of the ‘Kids Out Giving Tree 2019’

Dear Giving Tree Participant,

Christmas 2019 was easily one of the best ever for the charity! The whole team at KidsOut were blown away by the fantastic response to the Giving Tree initiative with a record breaking 1,400 companies signing-up to the toy appeal – almost double the amount from 2018!
This overwhelming generosity meant KidsOut were able to distribute brand new toys to thousands of children in refuge over the Christmas period. No child should have to wake up on Christmas day without a present to unwrap and play with, and even receiving a simple present such as a cuddly toy, book, or board game will have made such a difference to these children and their families.
Alongside the contribution of tens of thousands of toys, an incredible £40,000 was raised solely through Giving Tree monetary donations – mostly via the Gold Text Tags!

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Check out Mike Peters second article in January’s Lubes’n’Greases

At a sustainable Base – ‘The combination of continually improved fuel consumption for internal combustion engines and meeting electric vehicle lubricant needs is changing the nature of lubricant formations and, therefore, the base oils and additives required’

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SIP wish you all a very Happy Christmas and successful New Year

As has become our usual practice, we prefer to make a contribution to charity rather than sending
Christmas cards and gifts, so for 2019 we have again signed up to the ‘Giving Tree’ for the KidsOut Charity and purchased Christmas gifts for local disadvantaged children.

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