About Us

Established in 1987 by Michael Hind and Carlton Colcord, SIP has successfully evolved from a base oil trading company to a well-established and recognised independent marketer of speciality oils and fluids throughout Europe and beyond.

From the early days of trading Group I base oils, a relationship was formed with Petro-Canada in 1991, to exclusively market their medicinal and technical white oils throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East (EAME). Isomerised Dewaxed base stocks were added to the product portfolio and with the introduction of new suppliers offering these next generation base oils, SIP was able to enter new market areas, including base fluids for the offshore drilling market.

The shift of focus towards higher quality products brought an end to the base oil trading and SIP has continued to focus on high performance, next generation speciality oils and fluids, in order to differentiate its product offering in what has become an increasingly commoditised market. Whilst some suppliers remain the same, we have continually sought out new partners internationally to ensure security of supply for existing products, and to explore new opportunities in the base oil and related markets. This includes products from renewable and sustainable sources which offer our customers environmentally acceptable alternatives, meeting their changing legislative requirements or providing competitive advantage linked to technical and environmental performance.

SIP Vision

To build upon our long-established identity and expertise to become your partner of choice for speciality oils and fluids.

SIP Values

Customer Focussed

We value face to face customer interaction and close working relationships, which allow us to fully understand your needs and provide a responsive and tailored service offering


We use our collective experience and expertise to anticipate and adapt our service offering to meet your business requirements


We conduct our business in a manner that values and respects not only our market position and reputation but also the business partnerships we have built over the last thirty years


We firmly believe in honest and transparent working relationships, built on trust to generate loyalty

Company History


Michael Hind and Carlton Colcord established SIP Limited


Commenced marketing of Medicinal White oils throughout Europe, Africa and Middle East


Entered drilling fluids market


Ceased Group I trading to concentrate on marketing speciality oils and fluids


Commenced development and marketing of Isomerised Dewaxed industrial base oils

2003 to 2007

Five major corporations added to our supplier base


Entered European Group III base oil market


SIP was one of the first European oil and chemical companies to achieve the updated ISO 9001:2008 registration

2009 to 2013

Developed partnerships in the Chemical Industry for speciality fluids


Appointed a full time regulatory and product stewardship manager

SIP appointed as the European Distributor for Novvi LLC renewable base oils


Launch of SIPDRILL RS, the first renewable hydrocarbon drilling base fluid for high performance drilling mud systems

SIP board appoints Commercial Director and Finance Director


Appointed European Distributor for NIS NanolubĀ® technology


SIP celebrates 30 years in the speciality oils and fluids business