Our Services

The SIP approach to service is based firmly on our promise of reliability and flexibility and is fully supported by our team of commercial, logistical, regulatory and technical experts. We place significant importance on developing  excellent working relationships with our suppliers in order to provide our customers with the highest levels of service and exceed our competitors’ offering.

We have achieved this throughout our 35 year history in the speciality oils and fluids sector by actively applying our corporate values of customer focus, flexibility, professionalism and credibility, combined with a can-do-approach to business.


Flexible Logistics

Bulk storage is maintained at terminals in Antwerp, where we hold tank storage, warehousing and drumming, full iso container logistics and transport. This gives us the flexibility to deliver to shorter lead times, with consistent quality control and the widest possible choice of delivery options, including ship, barge, rail, iso-container, truck, single or twin-pot tankers, IBC, drum and flexibag. In addition, we have significant storage facilities around the North Sea to support our drilling oil customers. Our experienced team can advise on the best storage options and delivery scheduling to ensure consistent availability, helping you to manage your own logistics more cost effectively.

Product Development

The need for product development may be driven by a number of factors. Legislative or regulatory changes, customer demand for increased efficiency, operational cost reduction, quality improvement, performance or durability increases and OEM demands are all reasons why the modern product slate has to be dynamic. Whatever the issue, no matter how demanding or unusual the specification required, our industry experts will work closely with specialists to develop and test new formulations and deliver the optimum solution. All testing of newly developed products is undertaken by independent laboratories and samples can be supplied to customers for their own development testing.

Compliance and Regulatory Support

SIP’s dedicated function is our ability to advise on issues relating to regulatory compliance in the industries we supply. We constantly maintain our own compliance and keep our customers abreast of relevant changes in environmental and chemical legislation - such as REACH, CLP, FDA, NSF and European Pharmacopoeia, as well as international Health, Safety & Environmental requirements and actively help our customers achieve their own compliance requirements. All of SIP’s products were pre-registered and, where appropriate, have been fully registered as required by REACH.

Quality Assurance

SIP gained accreditation to the ISO 9001 Quality System over 25 years ago, routing quality into all aspects of its business, including product development, storage, blending, distribution, sales, supply & order processing. We have continuously improved our systems and kept pace with new quality accreditations. We now hold the ISO 9001:2015 designation.