Our comprehensive range of premium Industrial base oils are helping to deliver longer life, improved operational effectiveness over a wider temperature range, greater equipment protection and reduced impact upon the environment.

With experience across so many industry sectors, we apply our knowledge and expertise to deliver speciality base oil solutions, allowing you to formulate premium quality lubricants that will operate in the  severest of industrial applications.

SIP has an extensive product portfolio, marketed under different SIP brand names according to the end application, to support the wide range of applications within the Industrial lubricant sector.


A diverse range of high quality base stocks, including low aromatic hydrocarbons, Polyalkylene Glycol (SIPLUBE PG) and Ester (SIPLUBE PO 2000).


The SIPMET range has been specifically designed for formulating premium neat metalworking fluids. The products have low pour points and Noack volatilities, which provide better oil mist control, and with only trace levels of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), they are ideal for formulating oils that comply with stringent factory environmental requirements for oil mist, helping to overcome manufacturers’ health and safety concerns.


The SIPTECH range of technical white oils represent a versatile series of base oils designed for applications that require high purity, low aromatic, colourless and odourless oils with good pour points and flash points. They are available in a viscosity range from 10 to 100cSt at 40°C and typically meet FDA 21 CFR 178.3620 (b) and FDA 21 CFR 573.680 regulations, which enable them to be used in food grade lubricants conforming to the NSF H1 and HX1 performance for incidental food contact.


The ID (Isomerised Dewaxed) range, which includes ID LP (Isomerised Dewaxed Low Pour), are highly refined, catalytically cracked base oils, which are predominantly iso-paraffinic in character. The high proportion of iso-paraffins lowers the crystallisation temperature and so these oils have excellent low temperature fluidity, low Noack volatilities  and when blended with appropriate additives, provide excellent oxidation and thermal stability, equivalent to that of Group IV Polyalphaolefins (PAOs).


A comprehensive range of high quality base oils, providing the formulator with the flexibility to produce a wide range of quality Industrial and Automotive lubricants.

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