SIP has been supplying fluids to the global drilling industry for more than 20 years. Our extensive knowledge and experience in this demanding industry sector includes a comprehensive product range that helps our customers to meet the latest government and industry regulations for use of materials in offshore exploration. We are also an active member of the European Oilfield Speciality Chemicals Association (EOSCA).

The SIPDRILL series has a viscosity range from 1.7 to 3.9 cSt @ 40°C and these colourless and odourless fluids have relatively low volatility, high flash points, are sheen free and exhibit very low toxicity to marine life with world class occupational hygiene characteristics. They contain only trace levels of polycyclic aromatics and are registered with the Offshore Chemical Notification Scheme (OCNS). Depending on the nature of the oil, SIPDRILL fluids can be highly biodegradable and demonstrate their purity by meeting the US FDA 21 CFR 178.3620 (b) standard for incidental food contact products.

The characteristics of the SIPDRILL fluids make them suitable for more challenging drilling applications such as High Temperature High Pressure (HTHP) Deep Water Offshore Environments as well as for sensitive shallow water environments, swamplands and land based drilling.

SIPDRILL RS is believed to be the first renewable, hydrocarbon drilling base fluid, for use in non-aqueous drilling muds. Designed to match the performance advanced synthetic base fluids such as iso-paraffins or olefins, it also meets the strictest environmental regulations across the globe.

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