The AD range of lubricant additive components is comprised of seven individual products including TBN boosters/detergents, EP/Antiwear additives and antioxidants. These products can be used to cost effectively formulate a number of lubricants for a diverse range of applications including engine oils, gear oils, hydraulic fluids, turbine oils, metal working fluids and greases.

As the European distributor for Nanotech Industrial Solutions (NIS), SIP is able to offer a range of Inorganic Fullerene-like Tungsten Disulfide sub-micron particles (IF-WS₂). These properties, in appropriate formulations, can facilitate the creation of “super performing” lubricants, coatings, and polymer composites. Benefits include:

  • Better performance under extreme conditions
  • Better impact resistance
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Low toxicity and environmentally friendly
  • Superior capacity to extend the life and effective operation of working mechanisms
  • Reduce downtime and cost of ownership

These particles have notably high pressure, impact and heat resistances. They have low toxicity and high shock absorbing properties.

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