SIP Speciality Oils and Fluids is proud to be in this year’s “ICIS Special Report of Top 100 Chemical Distributors”, featuring SIP among the largest chemical distributors in Europe and globally.

This is testament to more that 30 years of hard work by our team based in London which has made us one of the most respected marketers and distributors of speciality baseoils and additives across EMEA.

We are delighted with this prestigious recognition and we thank all our customers and our business partners for their continued support!

See the full report in this month’s edition of ICIS Chemical Business: on https://lnkd.in/gGHZ5Hc

To see how we can help your business, please contact us at: enquiries@sip.com or phone + 44(0)20 7717 0100.

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SIP’s SIPPAR products provide formulators with a wide range of options for use in many different applications. Within this wide product portfolio there are the SIPPAR G & SIPPAR DP ranges plus SIPPAR H & SIPPAR T.

These low viscosity SIPPAR products provide a variety of high-quality characteristics, including narrow distillations, very low Pour Points, low aromatic levels with Flash Points appropriate to the application.

Because of their excellent properties, these products have been successfully used for several years in metal working fluids, silicone sealants, industrial coatings, textile oils, aerosols, low viscosity hydraulic fluids and explosive diluents.

Let us know what you consider the important parameters are for your application and our in-house technical team will recommend the best grades to meet your requirements.

SIP has over 30 years’ experience providing speciality fluids into a wide variety of industries and can supply throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa from our hub in Antwerp (Belgium).

For further information please contact SIP at enquiries@sip.com or phone + 44(0)20 7717 0100.

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Whilst we all endure the effects of the Corona Virus, at SIP it’s “business as usual”, with everyone working safely from home, meeting our customers’ needs. During these challenging times we continue to support our customers from our hub in Antwerp, so please reach out if we can be of assistance in any way. We have all material in stock and our blending and logistics capability is fully operational.

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“Decades of Declining Viscosity”

Like a limbo dancer, engine oil viscosities have been getting lower and lower over the past few years. To emphasise this, the SAE’s J300 viscosity standard established two new low viscosity grades definitions, SAE 8 and SAE 12.
The process of formulating “thinner” higher-performance oils has been progressing for more than a century and things have come a long way since the first engine oils were used in the early internal combustion engine cars of the late 19th Century.

Over the last 60 years, there have been enormous changes since Alexander Duckham launched the first multigrade engine oil, Duckhams Q 20W-50, to the point where 0W-XX oils could take 35 percent of the global market by 2030.

The question now is, what base oils will be needed to blend these viscosities and will there be the resources and willingness to meet these new specifications with the emphasis being shifted to electric vehicles.

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SIP Base Oils for Food Grade Lubricants.

Due to the current lockdowns around Europe, we understand that manufacturing plants for frozen, canned and packaged foods, breads and edible oils are operating at high capacity. With this comes an increased demand for food-grade oils and greases. To meet your needs to supply these products, SIP has a wide range of medicinal white oils, […]

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