SIP’s SIPPAR products provide formulators with a wide range of options for use in many different applications. Within this wide product portfolio there are the SIPPAR G & SIPPAR DP ranges plus SIPPAR H & SIPPAR T.

These low viscosity SIPPAR products provide a variety of high-quality characteristics, including narrow distillations, very low Pour Points, low aromatic levels with Flash Points appropriate to the application.

Because of their excellent properties, these products have been successfully used for several years in metal working fluids, silicone sealants, industrial coatings, textile oils, aerosols, low viscosity hydraulic fluids and explosive diluents.

Let us know what you consider the important parameters are for your application and our in-house technical team will recommend the best grades to meet your requirements.

SIP has over 30 years’ experience providing speciality fluids into a wide variety of industries and can supply throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa from our hub in Antwerp (Belgium).

For further information please contact SIP at or phone + 44(0)20 7717 0100.